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Adrian Hornby – Obituary

Adrian Hornby, who sadly passed away aged 57 on 7 June following a cycling accident, had been Chairman of Harrogate Model Flying Club for many years.

Adrian and Mick

Adrian, who worked for an American software company, was a stalwart supporter of our club and through his drive and intellect contributed massively to the Club on many different levels. His agenda was always aimed at the best outcome for the club but despite his sharp and unswerving focus he was sympathetic and compassionate to the quieter members who he felt needed that support. For a number of years, he had offered to retire from the Chair on account of the demands of his professional activities which included frequent business travel to the USA and India which meant that sometimes he was unable to attend meetings. Typically, to make up for this he would turn up for a committee meeting prompt at 7pm having arrived back at Leeds Bradford airport several hours before. On these occasions he was fully versed with the issues under discussion, nonchalantly remarking that he had plenty of time to consider them on the flight.

Adrian was a gifted model pilot, talented instructor and BMFA examiner. He flew fixed-wing and helicopters, usually to the extreme of their envelope. Whilst he was known to mutter an adage such as “if you don’t have the odd mishap, you’re not fully developing your capabilities”, he was also a steadfast believer in safety and damage limitation. To this end, he was renowned for listing the annual number of incidents and reasons for their occurrence at the AGM though it was always numerical rather than personal; he never sought to embarrass other flyers. He was also a gifted presenter of complex topics to Club meetings such as LiPo charging, handling and safety delivered in great detail but in understandable terms. His contribution to our Club was immense and his character, drive and wit is irreplaceable.

Away from aeromodelling, he played bridge, underwater hockey at GB Masters level, cycled for fitness and was a talented cook. 

He is survived by Lynne and his twin sons Alex and Rory to whom we convey our deepest sympathy for a passing that sadly came far too soon.

Richard Taylor

Secretary – HMFC