Finally a nice day in April…

The Weather forecast all week has been changing from sunny to torrential rain to gales and then back to 20 degrees with sun so who knew what we were going to get on Saturday!

Well as it happened we got most of the above (well not the rain anyway).

For such a nice day there wasn’t the size of turnout that you would expect, the morning started off overcast and dull with a thick cloud layer which meant that it was on the cold side but it wasn’t too windy.

As the day progressed it didn’t lighten up and the promised sunshine looked like it was never going to arrive, but after lunch the sun broke through and the wind dropped to next to nothing and i managed to run through a few batteries with my 4mtr span Hyper Ava.

Inky had a maiden flight with the above plane, this picture really doesn’t do justice to how PINK it actually looks (which was a good thing as the cloud made visibility a bit of an issue). Plane proved to be a bit twitchy at first but this turned out to be a setup issue which was easily resolved, notice the amount of up elevator!

Richard flew his EDF Hunter and brought his turbine plane along for some taxi testing but due to time restrictions we didn’t get chance to do this, all in all it was a great if quieter than normal saturday!