Fantastic Start to a Bank Holiday Weekend

Fantastic start to a Bank Holiday weekend and with the weather forecast being for blue skies, low winds and the highest recorded temperatures for a bank holiday weekend in recorded history so i was expecting crowded flight lines, loads of people out and a packed parking area.

This turned out not to be the case, there was a steady breeze blowing up the dirty runway all day so we were all parked on the main runway so no over crowding! The breeze made it comfortable and the clear skies ensured that you got sunburnt (at least i did!!).
I was somewhat shocked that there weren’t more members out, it was really just the usual culprits! flight lines were therefore not busy and there was lots of flying.
Not much more to say really, below are some snaps from the day.

Adrian seems to prefer flying his heli’s this way up for some reason! Guess it saves buying a lawnmower!!!