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Soaring at Goldsborough

For once the weather was much better than promised so i decided to put a couple of batteries on charge and swing by the Goldsborough site to get a couple of flights in with the blue one of my three Ava’s (this one is for sale if anyone wants to buy it)

Flying conditions at the field were unbelievable for a glider guy like me, next to no wind, loads of lift and some friendly red tail kites to mark the lift!

I wish that i had paid a little more attention to my transmitter battery before coming out as I could only risk one flight.

spent most of my time soaring with the kites, at one point there were six of them circling with me, guess they were wondering what this 3.2 metre span blue bird was going in their airspace.

my one regret of the day is that NOBODY SNAPPED a picture of this happening!!! anyway, I enjoyed it!!