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Club Night was Build Night

Well its always a sign of winter when we get to the club build competition night and this months club meeting was that night.

After the formal club meeting was over it was over to Phil to set the challenge for the eveing.

This year’s competition was to build a flying model out of two pieces of supplied balsa, the model then had to fly the length of the room and hit the chair, the winner would be the person who it the chair the most times…..REMEMBER THAT, HIT THE CHAIR THE MOST TIMES!!!!!

We were given a limited time to fabricate and trim our aircraft, then the flying began, and to be honest it was a lot harder than most people had realised.
There were many interesting designs some flew good some not so good, Geoff’s plane which would only fly successfully if it was aimed at Mick, Chris’s plane that flew better after each crash (what was that all about) and Bobs dart that flew straight but always stopped an inch away from the chair no matter how hard it was thrown.

After two rounds there were only a couple of planes that had managed to hit the chair.

But then I managed to get my glider into trim and managed three hits in close succession to take the lead and as far as I was aware the prise for the evening being one hit ahead of my nearest competitor.

Thats when a last minute change to the competition format occurred and it turned into a sudden death single attempt fly off.
needless to say on this attempt I missed the chair and snatched defeat from the jaws of victory!!! Nice on Phil!

That aside it was a cracking night as usual.

Nice November Day and so many ….

Nice November Day and so many…..
Nice November day and we had a great turnout at Dishforth, potential new members coming along for look see and a test flight, a maiden flight and I actually managed to get some time on the sticks!

Mick did a superb job with the club model giving a couple of potential new members a demo flight, many thanks to Richard for looking after and bringing along the model.

imparting some skills.
Photographic proof that Adrian was actually in the country!
Had to add this picture in as it’s had me in stitches, Might have to use it in a caption contest….guys the plane is right in front to you!!!!!!

A warm day in October???

Needed a couple of pictures for the Club Magazine so decided to swing by Dishforth and see who was out.

As it happens there were quite a few people out braving the strangely warm winds and getting some flying in.

I snapped a couple of pictures and was on my way as it was way too windy for me to fly anything I had with me.

anyway hope you like the pictures and heres hoping we get more warm October days!

Soaring at Goldsborough

For once the weather was much better than promised so i decided to put a couple of batteries on charge and swing by the Goldsborough site to get a couple of flights in with the blue one of my three Ava’s (this one is for sale if anyone wants to buy it)

Flying conditions at the field were unbelievable for a glider guy like me, next to no wind, loads of lift and some friendly red tail kites to mark the lift!

I wish that i had paid a little more attention to my transmitter battery before coming out as I could only risk one flight.

spent most of my time soaring with the kites, at one point there were six of them circling with me, guess they were wondering what this 3.2 metre span blue bird was going in their airspace.

my one regret of the day is that NOBODY SNAPPED a picture of this happening!!! anyway, I enjoyed it!!