Month: March 2018

March Madness or Cabin Fever More like…..

Well the Beast from the East has gone and the Pest from the West only lasted a couple of days and finally we have had a day that was perfect for flying.

The wind was light not blowing more than 5 mph all day and it wasn’t too cold, these great conditions managed to flush out a good number of members and a few interesting models

As April is just around the corner and we have historically always seen a spike in “incidents” in April it had been decided that today the theme of the day was to get someone else to look over your model before you fly to check that everything was ok.

Danny and Joel brought along a new plane and Frank obliged by giving it a once over before its maiden flight, don’t know too much about this plane apart from the fact that if looked great in the air! Hopefully Danny will pen us a couple of lines about it for the next issue of Propwash? what about it Danny???

Steve got some air time in with his new plane and Richard flew his ducted fan plane too (sorry didn’t manage to get a snap of that).

I unfortunately had to shoot off so couldn’t get any pictures of the afternoon session but as the weather brightened up I am sure that fun was had by all!