Month: January 2018

Didn’t think January Flying was like this!

Didn’t think it was possible to have a turnout like this in January!! Especially as it was still cold and there was still some snow on the ground.

Turned up at 10am at the gate to find Just Mick and Ian there, but soon were were joined by a few more and by the time we signed in we had a modest group and one potential new member who had been invited along for a demo flight.

The trusty club Demo Model was assembled, fuelled and tested and Matt had a couple of flights on the buddy lead with Mick, hopefully didn’t scare him off and he will be back!

After the first hour more members started to turn up and in the end we seemed to have more people on site than we do on some summer days, it was really good to see and i managed to hand out a lot of the BMFA renewals and membership cards to all those present.

Really great start to the flying year (although strictly speaking there has been flying days before this!!) check out more of the pictures from the day on the 2018 photos.