Month: March 2000


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  • Safety
    Club safety talk March 10th 2020 Andy presented a talk on some of the lesser thought about safety aspects of flying which covered much of the safety in and around the pits. The talk was entitled Step Back Assessment. The notes below reflect the aspects covered. Feel free to comment below. Step Back Assessment Look, […]
  • Fantastic Start to a Bank Holiday Weekend
    Fantastic start to a Bank Holiday weekend and with the weather forecast being for blue skies, low winds and the highest recorded temperatures for a bank holiday weekend in recorded history so i was expecting crowded flight lines, loads of people out and a packed parking area. This turned out not to be the case, […]
  • A Busy Day on the Flightline…
    A busy day on the flightline, despite a troublesome wind from the south east. It turned out to be something of a jet meeting with Richard Taylor having a successful maiden flight with the A10 Warthog and Richard Bowler bringing a whole car load of jets, including a Grumman Panther fitted with a Wren 80 […]
  • Finally a nice day in April…
    The Weather forecast all week has been changing from sunny to torrential rain to gales and then back to 20 degrees with sun so who knew what we were going to get on Saturday! Well as it happened we got most of the above (well not the rain anyway). For such a nice day there […]
  • March Madness or Cabin Fever More like…..
    Well the Beast from the East has gone and the Pest from the West only lasted a couple of days and finally we have had a day that was perfect for flying. The wind was light not blowing more than 5 mph all day and it wasn’t too cold, these great conditions managed to flush […]