Looks like I Missed a good flying day

Looks like I Missed a good flying day…..
Unfortunately I was working this Saturday and apparently missed a great flying day, here is what I missed…………

You missed a great day yesterday, the wind eased throughout and by 3.00 it was definitely thermal  weather. Never mind I`m sure you enjoyed your software installation (thanks Mick, i didn't!).
I had a new model to test - a BAE Hawk bought second hand for £25 complete with radio and engine ! IMG_6902
There was some doubt in my mind if it would fly as the wing loading is around 42 ozs per sq ft.
The Super Tigre 61 soon had it in the air however, despite being only 48 in span.
It was good to see Inky paying a visit after his surgery - he seems to be making a good recovery and was in good spirits.

We also had a rare visit from our globetrotting Chairman !

Thanks for the report Mick