A Different Dishforth Day

It's Dishforth Jim but not as we know it!
With all the comings and goings on the airfield and the strange wind direction todays flying location was far from perfect!
But we did manage to get some flying in, although it had to be much more organised than usual.
Two spotters were needed and they were in communication by walkie talkies with the flight box, Sound complicated but it actually worked quite well!
Once the wind dropped the sun came out and it turned into a really nice flying day, a couple of us even managed to get sunburn.
Shame we had to call it a day at the usual time, it would have been great to get a couple more hours in.
Don't think we will see any more of those sort of sunny days till next year, but i guess we can live in hope!

Roll on next weekend, I am away at a competition so won't be able to do a writeup!