First Flying Saturday 2017

First Flying Saturday 2017 ….
What a Superb turn out, the weather was great, little to no wind and great visibility.

We had visitors who had the first flights of the club demo trainer aircraft, this proved to be a great success for the club and hopefully they enjoyed the experience too.

Steven and Geoff both continued training and progress was made, Steven continues his blistering progress with fixed wing by doing aerobatic manoeuvres with his foamie, won't be long till the A test then Steven?
Was a great turnout with lots of flying and training going on as well as the usual antics such as runway and pit clearing (many comments about putting in potato's and HFMC Gardening club were made) but have to say that Ken did a great job of uncovering the buried concrete, even Mr Cutting turned up and managed a couple of flights (one with a stuck throttle).
If this is a sign of things to come we are going to be in for a superb years flying! Can't wait till next week!!