Nice November Day and so many ....

Nice November Day and so many…..
Nice November day and we had a great turnout at Dishforth, potential new members coming along for look see and a test flight, a maiden flight and I actually managed to get some time on the sticks!

_ADN9911Mick did a superb job with the club model giving a couple of potential new members a demo flight, many thanks to Richard for looking after and bringing along the model.
_ADN9909imparting some skills.
_ADN9895Photographic proof that Adrian was actually in the country!
_ADN9921Proof also that there were lots of us out, in fact if it wasn't for the fact that most people were wrapped up you could be forgiven for thinking this was a summer flying day!! Note not a single "onesie" in sight so its not properly winter yet!!
Had to add this picture in as it's had me in stitches, Might have to use it in a caption contest….guys the plane is right in front to you!!!!!!