Loads of flying, loads of fun!

Loads of flying, loads of fun……
I arrived at 10am expecting to see the usual line of cars and people waiting to get onto the airfield, but there was only two cars! Pat, John and I signed in and went to our usual spot on the airfield.

The weather had forecast 4 to 5 mph winds, patchy fog and overcast, as it turned out the weather was 0 wind, no fog and cloud cover but actually a great day to fly.

Pat got the first flight in and by the time he landed our numbers had started to swell, by lunchtime we had 10 people out and lots of flying going on, Neil helped out John buddied up on his buddy lead, Jim and Bob buddied up so plenty of training went on.Dishforth1Inky had his big plane in the air again and I managed to get three really great thermal flights in each lasting over 20 minutes as there was plenty of lift at low levels once the sun started to cut through the cloud.

All in all it was a great flying day, Can't wait for next week if this is what the autumn has in store for us!