A Great start to October.

Fuel Fun and More
Leaving Harrogate this morning for Dishforth it looked decidedly foggy and I was in two minds about going, but the nearer I got to Ripon the nicer and nicer it got until I arrived at the airfield to bright sunshine!

We had a great turnout today, as we were at the other side of the airfield in a location we don't usually use we had two spotters, one at each end of the flying area, but as it happens there was no ground traffic so they didn't have to do too much.

The above picture shows on the left a group working on Ian's yellow funfly model (to be no doubt named later), check out this months propwash (out before the next club meeting) for the full story behind this picture and the one below!


All in all we all had a great days flying, lets just hope that the other Saturday's in October are as nice as this one turned out to be!