A Saturday in December that's flat calm!

A Saturday in December that's flat calm!………
I didn't actually plan on going to Dishforth today, but as it was flat calm and not raining and I had a couple of spare hour I decided to take a spin out and see who was about.

As it happened there was a great turn out, visibility was fair and it wasn't too cold either.


With there being next to no wind it was a great day for light weight planes (should have taken a glider along!), so Ian and Dennis make the most of it and spent some time getting his plane trimmed out, the picture below shows how many people it can take to change an elevator clevis! (I count 4! ).

Not convinced that that's fuel in those containers! How long have you been sat there Frank?????

Unfortunately I didn't get chance to hang around too long as I had other commitments, but there was plenty of flying going on as I left the field, fingers crossed next weekend will be just as nice so I can get some airtime in!!!!